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DRA Grant Purchase

The Alta Vista Campus was fortunate to have been awarded funds from the DRA Grant to purchase new active learning furniture.  Students and staff alike are excited to have this unique classroom furniture.  Many thanks to the Dubuque Racing Association!

Students try out the node chairs  Students use node chairs in class

DRA Grant Purchase

Geometry Challenge

Tower3 tower2

Students in Geometry class were given the challenge of creating the tallest possible structure that could withstand wind.  This first day activity produced some inventive structures as a result of students using their collaboration and problem-solving skills.

ALC Coop Project for Economics

Students are building a hen coop for an economics class project.  Students selected a design after researching the needs of a hen and sharing several different designs.  Students observed the local market offerings and designed a product that would be an economical choice for the potential clients.  Students decided to name their business Key City Coops and have a Facebook page documenting the progress of the coop as it is being built.  Logos are now being considered.

Coop building

Students are working to build a hen coop for their economics class project.

ALC Robots

ALC robots are engaging students in coding, programming, critical thinking and problems solving, collaboration and communication.  Students have responded well to the challenges and frustrations as they work to accomplish many tasks with their robots.  The sense of pride and accomplishment is visible as students achieve success!


robot challenge

Students collaborating on designing a challenge for their robot.

ALC Robots

ALC Display Project

ALC students worked to create a display for the Multicultural Center in Dubuque.  The structure will feature pictures and text explaining what students have learned about the culture, history and people of different ethnic groups in Dubuque.



Display being built


Building the display for the Multicultural Center