Dubuque Community School District Summit Program

Summit Program

The Dubuque Community School District is committed to preparing all students for a lifetime of success. The Summit Program is designed to serve students who have met the district’s graduation criteria and are working to develop the skills needed to be as independent as possible.

Much like mountain climbing, our students and their families have set their goal of reaching the summit. To get there requires hard work and collaboration. It is energizing, motivating, frustrating, challenging and rewarding.

And, just like mountain climbers, our students and families are not alone in this process. The instructors they work with in the program are their personal mentor along the way to guide them and encourage them.

Here is a list of community sponsors we work with on a regular basis!

Dubuque County Fairgrounds- we clean once a week
The Boat Club- we clean once a week
Asbury Hy-Vee- we stock once a week
Walgreens (corner of JFK/Asbury)- we stock once a week
As They Grow- we do various retail jobs there once a week
ARC/AY McDonald- we work on grippers multiple times a week
The Forum- we do shred there once a week
The National Mississippi River Museum- we volunteer there once a week
Green Industrial- we work in the factory there once a week



Lori Anderson
Transition Facilitator

Students must be 18 or older, be receiving special education services, have met graduation criteria and have unmet IEP goals. Additional requirements exist. Please contact the special education department for details.