Cornerstone Academy

Cornerstone Academy is a program of the Dubuque Community School District that serves students in grades K-12 who are in need of intensive social-emotional/behavior supports. The program’s staff are trained in techniques to provide specialized support to students while also ensuring that students receive strong educational offerings.

Students in Cornerstone Academy maintain enrollment in their home school, while being placed in specially designed facilities to receive their instruction. Cornerstone students at the middle- and high-school levels are served in a new addition to the district’s Alta Vista Campus, which opened in the fall of 2019 to coincide with the district’s launch of the program.

At the elementary level, students are served in specially designated Cornerstone learning spaces at Irving Elementary School. These spaces operate independently from school and are used solely for Cornerstone programming.

Volunteering at St. Vincent DePauls.

Cornerstone students volunteering at St. Vincent DePauls.

Dan Powers
Assistant Principal